Dogs in Hot Cars

by  Roland Halpern, Board Member


Colorado law provides immunity to someone who breaks into a locked vehicle to rescue a dog, cat, child or at-risk adult provided certain procedures are followed. Reasonable efforts must be made to locate the owner, for example going into a nearby store and asking the manager to make an announcement on the PA system. Failing that (or if there are no stores or building nearby, for example at a park) contact law enforcement, the fire department, animal control or call 911. If there is no response within a reasonable period of time, or it appears that a further delay would result in serious injury or death, the law allows you to break into the vehicle. The rear side windows are the easiest to shatter. Remain at the scene until someone arrives or if you cannot stay, the law requires you to leave your contact information.

Download our Dogs in Hot Card Flyer. Print out a few and ask local businesses to put them up on community boards or in their store windows. Get the flyer HERE

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