Lessons From a Mangy Coyote: Why Anticoagulant Rodenticides Must Go

By Guest Blogger Will Falk, Writer, Lawyer, and Environmental Activist Edited by Sunny Weber, Author, Behaviorist, Humane Educator   Heartbreak in the Wild The first time I saw a coyote with mange my heart broke. Most of her fur was gone. Her skin, covered with scabs and lesions, had a sickly pink pallor. Her tail…

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Spring House Guests

By Jack Murphy, CEO of Urban Wildlife Rescue Spring is almost here and that means one thing–babies. Although mice, rats, rabbits and pigeons have young year around, most animals give birth in the spring. The majority of wild animals give birth to and raise their young outside, but squirrels and raccoons sometimes choose human habitats to…

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Rabbits as Pet Companions: Why Rabbits Make Good Housemates

by Nancy LaRoche Guest Blogger and Rabbit Specialist Domestic rabbits make wonderful pet companions—for the right people. Domestic rabbits are descended from the European wild rabbit, yet their physical, emotional, and intellectual needs are quite different from those of the wild cottontails found throughout North America. There many breeds of rabbits that are suitable as…

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Tales From The Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Roundup: The 25th Stallion


By Amy Hefestay Photo A: Picasso Junior, aka PJ. The son of famed Sand Wash Basin stallion, Picasso The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) began the roundup of the horses in Colorado’s Herd Management Area (HMA) called the Sand Wash Basin (SWB), on Wednesday, September 1st. Prior to the roundup start, the BLM promised to…

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The Link Between Animal Abuse and Violence Against People

grayscale photo of boy holding puppy

By Phil Arkow, National Coordinator https://nationallinkcoalition.org/   Over the past 35 years, researchers and professionals in a variety of human services and animal welfare disciplines have established significant correlations between animal abuse, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, elder abuse and other forms of violence. Mistreating animals is no longer seen as an isolated incident…

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