Memoir of Sacramento teen’s fight for animal rights gets endorsed by the world’s best-known conservationist


Justin Barker’s story of battling local officials over numbing zoo conditions gets a thumbs-up from Jane Goodall. By the time Justin Barker was 15, he was already a thorn in the side of the Capital region’s most entrenched politicians. As a kid who was struggling with being bullied, growing through an awkward phase and having…

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What is an Animal Attorney? Part Two

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Part Two: Animal Welfare Law   In our previous segment, we discussed Animal Rights Law. It is one of two animal law specialties: Animal Welfare and Animal Rights. In this segment we will delve into the Welfare field and look at the differences this type of law practice entails. An attorney in Colorado since 2017,…

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What is an Animal Attorney? Part One

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Part One: Animal Rights Law    Careers working with animals have expanded in the 30 years since I became involved. In the old days we fostered dogs in our backyards because shelters were few, pet/horse training was forceful not positive-based, and there were no animal related college courses other than veterinarian degrees. Wild animals were…

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Make Love, Not War

Make Love Not War

This old bumper sticker was popular during my college years as the Viet Nam war was raging. The Birth Control Pill was new and available enough to protect casual sex partners. Almost every one of my peers was against the war and we were the first generation that effectively forced our national government to abandon…

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